Top 10 Unconscious Bias Examples Affecting Employee Well-Being- Part-2 — KNOLSKAPE

Unconscious Bias examples that hinder employee well-being and how to combat them-

Anchoring Bias

Conformity Bias

Confirmation Bias

Attribution Bias

  • Over Praising- When someone rates their own performance much higher than normal because they display and live a “know it all” attitude.
  • Overprecision- When someone is highly confident that they can predict the outcome.
  • Overplacement- The belief that one has a much higher position than the others around him or her.

Some ways to avoid instances of unconscious bias in the workplace

  • First-time managers for their leadership journey
  • Middle managers and leaders for their leadership upskilling needs
  • Fresh hires and individual contributors for their onboarding
  • The entire organization in building a harmonious environment for professional relationships across teams.

Importance of overcoming bias at work

  1. Fostering a bias-free or diverse culture is no longer a good thing to have but a must-have because it ensures that employees from different walks of life are viewed through the same lens. When employees are given access to equal opportunities, they experience a sense of belonging at work, which, in turn, creates a safe and healthier work environment.
  2. In psychologically safe workplaces, employees express themselves honestly, which means they’re likely to portray their real selves. Such a level of inclusivity is known to improve engagement and has a profound effect on an organization’s bottom line.
  3. In a workplace where team members are celebrated and encouraged for their diverse experiences, creativity and innovation will soar.
  4. A fair work culture leads to happiness at work, thereby strengthening employee morale.
  5. In an era where employees are quitting in droves, having a culture that offers employees the support, appreciation, and recognition they deserve can be extremely rewarding. Organizations can use the Great Resignation as a silver lining and hold on to talented employees by providing them with a positive workplace where they get better learning opportunities to scale further. As a result, employee retention would undergo a major transformation.

KNOLSKAPE’s Unconscious Bias simulation to help leaders combat biases!



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