Put an End to Implicit Bias in the Workplace With These 5 Tips!


What is Implicit Bias in the Workplace?

How Does Implicit Bias in the Workplace Affect Organizations?

Consider the Following Tips To Get Rid of Implicit Bias in the Workplace

  • Use of Gender-Neutral Job Descriptions: The kind of jargon or phrases used in job postings plays a critical role in determining who applies for the position. To mitigate biases in the screening process, make the most of gender-neutral job descriptions. Using an inclusive language that showcases your organization’s diverse culture and welcomes applicants from different backgrounds, castes, cultures, genders or races goes a long way in nurturing not just new, but existing employees too.
  • Blind Recruitment: Blind hiring is another impactful approach to eliminating unconscious bias. Instead of surrendering yourself to your preconceived notions, which otherwise may lead to implicit bias in screening decisions, practice blind hiring!

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