10 Women Leaders to Follow in the L&D Space!

Summary- We have compiled a list of some of the most influential women in the L&D space. These women leaders have carved a niche for themselves and are slowly dispelling the notion that L&D is a man’s world where women cannot succeed.


The rise of women in leadership roles has transformed the demographic makeup of entrepreneurship. From pioneering innovative businesses to substantially participating in tech and business management, new generations of women leaders are uninterruptedly setting the bar higher. In today’s unpredictable circumstances, particularly, we’ve seen several women leaders in the Learning and Development (L&D) space going full-throttle to drive businesses through problem-solving aptitude, innovation, a sense of stewardship, and bent to drive their teams towards organizational success.

We have compiled a list of some of the most influential women in the L&D space. These women leaders have carved a niche for themselves and are slowly dispelling the notion that L&D is a man’s world where women cannot succeed. Their expertise is backed by several years of first-hand experience, and they’re leaving no stone unturned to enhance the L&D experience for learners around the world.

Our List of Influential Women in L&D!

  1. Mary Angela Moore
  2. Jamuna Karmehen
  3. Laura Overton
  4. Jane Hart
  5. Angelina Chua
  6. Dr. Tanvi Gautam
  7. Jaclyn Lee
  8. Sumathi Krishnan
  9. Hanie Razaif-Bohlender
  10. Freda Liu

N.B.: The list is in no particular order and excludes India as a region (a separate list will be released soon)

Mary Angela Moore

Book Author, International Leadership Trainer, Cultural Diversity Management Expert, Personal Development Guru, Business coach, etc. — with many such impressive titles affixed to her name, Mary Angela Moore stands out as a role model to not just women but all those eager to loom large.

Her addresses on entrepreneurship, business, and life are of immense value. In her career as a business coach, Mary has inspired several promising female executives to rise above the competition amid male-dominated space.

She also launched her new book, Wealthopia Generation, a sequel of From Passion to Profit, as an opportunity to share her sound strategies as well as empower the next generation of female leaders.

To learn more about Mary, check out her LinkedIn profile!

Jamuna Karmehen

Jamuna Karmehen is the voice behind Jamz Academy. A dynamic and result-oriented Corporate Trainer and Consultant, her most notable feat was the Top Trainer Award she won for two consecutive years. She is a Certified Yellow Belt Trainer for Continuous Improvement and a Certified Trainer from the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD), UK.

Jamuna’s accolades include the Competent Toastmaster status and winning contests such as Table Topics, Humour Speech & Evaluation Speech, and the Best Project for ‘Ideas Thinking Out of the Box’ at the global level. She is also a Certified Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Time Line Therapy (ABNLP), and a Certified NLP Coach.

Head to Jamuna’s LinkedIn profile to know more!

Laura Overton

Laura Overton is the co-creator of Emerging Stronger- aimed at helping L&D professionals to take BOLD action and transition from creating learning activities to creating business impact.

An experienced international speaker, award-winning L&D analyst, author, and facilitator, Laura keeps scouting for innovative ways to raise the next generation of leaders. She is fanatical about shaping the future of learning. In the UK, Laura is an academic member of the CIPD, the Learning and Performance Institute.

Before co-creating Emerging Stronger, Laura went on to work alongside Charles Jennings at the 70:20:10 Institute. Laura’s work stands on 25+ years of practical experience looking at learning innovation for business advantage, backed by independent research on over 3,500 organizations and 16,000 learners since 2003. She has co-authored over 70 major research reports as well as written over 300 articles for industry publications. Her knack for learning, facilitation, coaching, writing, and sounding board work makes her an industry change champion.

Follow her on LinkedIn!

Jane Hart

Jane Hart is the founder of Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies — one of the most-visited directory of learning and performance tools that include instructional, content creation, and learning resources.

She is also the author of several books including the Social Learning Handbook 2014 and the Modern Workplace Learning: A resource guide for L&D. A recipient of the ‘2013 Colin Corder Award for Outstanding Contribution to Learning’ instituted by UK-based Learning & Performance Institute (LPI), Jane is a huge advocate of overhauling workplace learning.

Head to Jane’s LinkedIn to see how she’s been inspiring her community!

Angelina Chua

A top HR influencer in Asia, sought-after global HR leader, Angelina comes with over 20 years of expertise managing a well-thought talent strategy in the Asia Pacific region, USA and Europe. Currently, she serves as the Acting Group Chief Human Resource Officer at ComfortDelGro. Angelina’s go-to is Business Partnering, Organization Change & Transformation, Talent Management, People Engagement, Leadership Advisory, Employer Branding, and a lot more.

Get to know all about Angelina here!

Dr. Tanvi Gautam

A C-suite adviser, executive coach, author, and multi-award-winning keynote speaker, Dr. Tanvi Gautam loves to talk about culture change, leadership, and diversity. She’s the first Asia-based leader to appear on the Game Changer list by Workforce Magazine (USA).

Dr. Tanvi is also quoted in the Harvard Business Review, Forbes (USA), Singapore Business Review, Business Times, BBC World, Economic Times, and other media outlets globally. Passionate about diversity and inclusion, Dr. Tanvi wrote two books that inspire women leaders to have their voice, vision, and visibility.
Be sure to follow Dr. Tanvi on LinkedIn as she regularly speaks about building impactful, authentic, engaged, and inclusive leaders.

See also Transformation is Not Just Another Change

Jaclyn Lee

Having over 25 years of experience in Human Resources, both in Singapore and across the region, Jaclyn Lee brings with her expertise managing large-scale HR projects at the local, regional, and national levels. Her diverse portfolio stems from senior HR roles held in manufacturing, social services, education, high tech, and the security industry. Additionally, she has experience in international and regional HR at companies like General Motors, NEC Corporation, and Certis.

A thought leader in HR Tech and Analytics, Jaclyn is serving as the Chief Human Resources Officer at Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD).

Academically, Jaclyn holds a Ph.D. in Business Information Systems from Twente University, Masters in Business from Singapore Management University, a Master of HRM From Rutgers University, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Brandon University.

Follow Jaclyn on LinkedIn for all the valuable insights she has to contribute.

Sumathi Krishnan

Noted as one of the most influential women leaders in Malaysia, Sumathi Krishnan stresses strong communication skills for one’s self-development. Interestingly she took a course in training with the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, UK.

With her organization, Stratford Training & Consultancy, Sumathi aims to help clients enhance their soft skills & grow their businesses. She is also a Certified Executive Coach and conducts the “Coaching Skills For Managers” program.

Head to Sumathi’s profile to learn more.

Hanie Razaif-Bohlender

Acting as the co-founder of Dragonfire Corporate Solutions Sdn Bhd for over 9 years, Hanie is one of the most influential career coaches in the world. Also known as the Career Doctor, Hanie is your lady for all things related to quality education, gender equality, transition and outplacement, talent development, organizational effectiveness, and much more.

Hanie Razaif has a list of accolades under her belt. She’s a certified PSMB/HRDF Trainer, Certified Virtual LearnCaster Facilitator (VLC), Certified Stratpad Business Coach, etc.

Find Hanie on LinkedIn!

Freda Liu

One of the best as a moderator, emcee, and trainer, Freda Lie is one of Malaysia’s most popular voices. She is a strong advocate of social enterprises, sustainable development goals (SDGs), and women empowerment. Be it conducting interviews with prominent business leaders or hosting her shows on BFM radio, Freda is keen to take women’s entrepreneurship to a whole new level. On Her Vantage, Freda talks about women of influence to highlight women’s representation across all levels-sports, the arts & sciences to entrepreneurship.

Get in touch with award-winning broadcast journalist and communication veteran Freda Liu on LinkedIn. You’ll be amazed by her vivacious persona.

Parting Thoughts!

So, if we look at these powerful women leaders in the L&D space, it is impressive how women bring knowledge, diverse viewpoints, and structural and cultural differences to drive business results.

With this in view, we at KNOLSKAPE, are constantly working towards empowering women as future leaders. We believe that women will drive the future. They have proven themselves as multi-taskers. They excel at mentorship. Hence, to help them reach their potential, KNOLSKAPE has developed several learning programs focused on women’s professional development.

  1. Women in Leadership

Companies that support women as business leaders are often successful. Yet, women leaders are often constrained by gender-based expectations of their roles and behaviors. The challenges of transitioning into a leadership role are daunting when it comes to women. Balancing a leadership role with personal expectations becomes a challenge. This course aims to help the women professionals master strategies to transition into a leadership role successfully.

2. Women in Senior Leadership

Transitioning into senior leadership can be challenging, especially for women leaders. The approach, the attitudes, or the mindset that worked well so far might not be sufficient in a senior role. A successful transition is often about discarding outdated practices and embracing a new mindset with tenacity and confidence. It is about acquiring new skills, new perspectives, and a groomed leadership style.

Both are targeted developmental journeys wherein our consultants analyze current learning needs and conduct 1-on-1 interviews to better understand the learner and the context. Further, an immersive learning journey is designed around learning objectives and expected business outcomes.

In a digital work environment, employees expect immediate feedback, regular communication, and bonding sessions with their leaders. These qualities come naturally to women. Additionally, as per Mckinsey’s report, organizations with better gender diversity, particularly among senior executives, tend to be more profitable. Gender equality has never been more important and so is the need for women to advance as leaders in the workplace.

Are you ready to nurture female leaders? If yes, KNOLSKAPE can help. Talk to us today to understand how our customized women-centered journeys can help empower female talent in your organization.




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